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Seniors Sweatin' in the VI
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Seniors Sweatin' in the VI
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March 11, 2016


A new local team has taken on the passion of encouraging Virgin Islands seniors to move more towards fitness and good health. It’s the Seniors Sweatin' in the VI team, who appear on the new Virgin Islands fitness DVD, led by personal fitness trainer, Annette Nicholson. The team is organizing a series of fitness events around St. Thomas, which are being tied into the VI Senior Fitness MOVEment. This MOVEment is aimed at improving the overall fitness and health of the older population of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Senior Sweatin’ in the VI team will start off their MOVEment with an activity for the seniors of the Senior Community Service Employment Program at the VI Department of Human Services on Friday, March 18th. The team will then appear at the University of the Virgin Islands’ Afternoon on the Green on Sunday, March 20th, which begins at noon. Annette welcomes all the attendees of Afternoon on the Green, who are age 40 and up, to join in a short exercise session.

The team is also spearheading a free BIG FITNESS event on Wednesday, April 6th at 10am at the Cost-U-Less parking lot. Annette will lead a senior fitness exercise session under a tent in the parking lot. The public, particularly persons age 40 and up, is invited to come out, exercise, and learn how to get fit. There are more exciting VI Senior Fitness MOVEment events being planned for Senior Month in May.

The VI Senior Fitness MOVEment, launched by the Seniors Sweatin' in the VI team, is aimed at getting VI seniors fit for 2016! The team is collaborating with several government agencies, organizations, and businesses to participate in or host energizing health and fitness events. "We want to get the older population up and moving," said Annette Nicholson, personal trainer and lead instructor for the Seniors Sweatin' in the VI DVD. "The MOVEment has materialized today, but it was inspired years ago, when many seniors came to me at a local fitness gym with doctors' reports stating that they have health challenges (hypertension, diabetes and mobility issues) and if they exercised, their overall health would improve," said Annette.

Intimidated by the barrage of fitness machines at the gym, the seniors asked Annette to start an exercise class. Her fitness certification background with training special groups, like seniors, was a perfect match. She began exercising with the seniors five years ago. Over the years, the doctor’s reports came in that their health had improved.

These seniors were so inspired that they wanted Annette to help others, like them, experience newfound fitness. Annette teamed with media producer, Gloria Gumbs, to capture the “Sassy Seniors” (as Annette calls them) doing their full fitness routine. This became the main backdrop for the Seniors Sweatin’ in the VI DVD. Gloria’s company, Gumbs Group, has produced numerous media campaigns, and the documentaries for Magens Bay beach and the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas.

The DVD includes low-impact aerobic exercises for just about anyone! The Seniors Sweatin' in the VI DVD is about 57 minutes in length and features several exercise segments, such as warm-up, strength training (weight training), aerobics, and stretching (cooling down) with dynamic music. Fitness Tips, which capture the beautiful scenery of St. Thomas, are inserted between exercise segments. Some of the “Sassy Seniors” give their testimonies on a separate video feature. As a BONUS GIFT, the DVD package includes a Nutritional Tips Booklet to help persons get started and provide guidance in making good fitness decisions to avoid pitfalls and setbacks.

Now, with the DVD fitness tool on-island at several outlets; along with Annette’s nutrition tips, an informative website, and limitless motivation...the MOVEment has begun. The Seniors Sweatin' in the VI team is ready to encourage the community in several ways: 1) invite the public to free fitness exercise events around the islands, 2) provide free onsite details about government supported heath and fitness services, 3) host free motivational meetings, 4) send free motivational texts to get seniors moving and keep them moving, and 5) offer free nutritional tips on the www.viseniorfitness.com website. “This MOVEment will change lives and make the community healthier,” said Gloria, who has lost about 80 pounds through Annette’s fitness program.

As the Producer and one of the motivators in this dynamic movement team, Gloria is working with Annette to make the fitness goals of Virgin Islands adults and seniors attainable. Gloria said, “You're not too old. As our Seniors Sweatin' in the VI DVD theme goes, ‘It's time to get fit. It's time to get moving. No matter how long it's been. It's time to get fit!” More information can be found about Annette, the DVD and the MOVEment at www.viseniorfitness.com or call (340) 228-1126.
FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2016 - 9am
Senior Community Service Employment Program meeting at the VI Department of Human Services, Senior Center
SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2016 - 12noon
University of the Virgin Islands’ Afternoon on the Green.
The Seniors Sweatin' in the VI team present VI Senior Fitness MOVEment. Persons 40 and up are encouraged to participate in a short fitness movement to be led by Annette!
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 2016 - 10am
The Seniors Sweatin' in the VI team present a VI Senior Fitness MOVEment FREE BIG FITNESS event at the Cost-U-Less parking lot (under a big tent). Come and get fitness and health information and participate in a fun and dynamic fitness movement with persons age 40 and up let by Annette!
November 9, 2016


Everyone is welcome to experience the FREE FRIDAY FITNESS MOVEMENT each Friday, beginning November 11, at the Roy Lester Schneider Hospital's Cafeteria Sun Room from 3:00pm to 3:30pm. Persons of all ages will MOVE to low-impact aerobic exercises led by professional fitness trainer, Annette Nicholson. Annette Nicholson, who is the instructor of the locally produced DVD, "Seniors Sweatin' in the VI", says, "I'm encouraging everyone, especially at this time of the year, to come join us on Fridays. It's time to get fit...It's time to get moving!"  For more information, visit www.viseniorfitness.com or call (340) 228-1126.
FRIDAYS, 3:00pm - 3:30pm
Beginning Friday, November 11, weekly FITNESS MOVEMENT at Roy Lester Schneider Hospital's Cafeteria Sun Room
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