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Seniors Sweatin' in the VI
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Professional Personal Fitness Trainer
The professional fitness trainer for Seniors Sweatin' in the VI is Annette Nicholson, a senior herself at 61 years of age. Annette is a certified personal trainer with a life-long passion for fitness. She was born in Louisiana, served in the military for four years, and has degrees in Criminal Justice and Biblical Studies.  She moved to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands in 1995 and was a health and physical education teacher at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School for 8 years. In 2006, she decided to become a full-time personal trainer and aerobics instructor. Annette's love for the well-being of all people is genuine. She has volunteered twice weekly at the Eldra Schulterbrandt Living Facility for the mentally-challenged on St. Thomas for over 12 years. She also holds weekly low-impact exercise classes for seniors at the Xtreme Fitness gym on St. Thomas and is a personal trainer to many individuals. Xtreme Fitness was kind to provide its gym as the video's main location for the exercise sessions.
Producer and Marketing Director
Producer, Videographer, Director, and Editor Gloria Gumbs, has produced, through Gumbs Group, LLC, award-winning video productions, including the official documentaries for Magens Bay beach and the Hebrew Congregation of the Virgin Islands; along with an array of government agency and corporate media campaigns. She has received numerous Gold and Silver Awards from the American Advertising Federation for excellence in advertising for productions created for the VI Department of Human Services, UVI Climate and Health PBS documentary, "What to Wear in the Virgin Islands", Virgin Islands Humanities Council and many other agencies. Her broad production responsibilities range from creating ad concepts and scriptwriting to directing and editing. 

She developed and held the position as producer of the local talk show, "Good Morning VI" which airs on CBS TV2 and is currently on WSVI TV Channel 8. Since 2005, she has been innovative in launching the first digital signage networks in the USVI for the retail platform. She manages digital signage outlets aboard Transportation Services' ferry, called the Sea Media Network and at the center court at Tutu Park Mall. While she continues to produce media campaigns and signage content, she is also responsible for marketing her husband's non-profit organization, G-Clef Music Academy.

She has used her skills to serve her community.  Currently, she's a President of the Board of Directors for Pistarckle Theater, where she has spearheaded the launch of establishing an annual New Playwrights Festival and the institution of student board members. She has been a Pistarckle Board member for over 3 years.  From 2005 to 2006, Gloria served as the president of the American Advertising Federation of the U.S. Virgin Islands (then called Advertising Club of the Virgin Islands) and in 2006, she received the "Women in Business Champion of the Year" award from the University of the Virgin Islands Small Business Development Center. She was the Communications Chair and Board member of United Way of St. Thomas-St. John and a board member of Virgin Islands Philharmonic, who was responsible for marketing major orchestra events.  Between all of these activities, she and her husband conduct a monthly music outreach for the elderly. 

Why do we need to get fit?
Over 27 percent of the U.S. Virgin Islands population is age 55 and older. This age group is over 71 percent of the total population of the United States. This population is threatened by illnesses, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and some forms of diabetes and cancers. Studies have shown that for the most part, these health-related illnesses are preventable with proper diet and exercise.  One of the top fitness experts on St. Thomas, Annette Nicholson, has made a commitment to lead the way by producing a fitness video that addresses this problem.   It's called, Seniors Sweatin' in the VI.  It is a low-impact aerobic exercise DVD for just about anyone. It features real seniors of the U.S. Virgin Islands who are apply called, “Sassy Seniors”.
Interested in learning more?
Your overall health is important for a total well being.
Fitness is important to my life.  I want everyone to experience the joy of being fit.
It's Time to Get Fit!
It's Time to Get Moving!
About Seniors Sweatin' in the VI
The Seniors Sweatin' in the VI DVD is about 57 minutes in length and features several exercise segments, such as warm-up, strength training (weight training), aerobics, and stretching (cooling down).  Fitness tips, which capture the beautiful scenery of St. Thomas, are inserted between exercise segments. There is also an extra bonus video of testimonies of some of the Sassy Seniors who participated in the DVD.  As a bonus, the DVD includes a Nutritional Tips Booklet to help you get started and guide you through good fitness decisions to avoid pitfalls and setbacks.
About Annette NIcholson
"I have known and appreciated the benefits of exercise for quite some time. I know that it reduces the risk of heart attacks and cancer, helps keep my weight under control, reduces stress and tension, and so much more. In high school, I discovered how strong it made my body. I participated in various sports and performed quite well. As I got older, I realized it is equally important to continue exercising. It will help my body stay strong, improve joint mobility, balance, and help prevent osteoporosis. I want to encourage women my age and older to learn and experience the benefits of exercise. That is why I designed a low-impact exercise class for seniors. The women in this class have wonderful testimonies. Some lost weight and became stronger. All of them have said that they have more energy. One of the ladies said, 'This class saved my life.' She is 80 years old. When I hear these testimonies, I know this is what I was born to do."
Seniors Sweatin' in the VI ® PO Box 304574, St Thomas, 00803

Fitness through Annette's dynamic training has changed my life! 
About Gloria Gumbs
"As the producer of Seniors Sweatin' in the VI, I too have benefited from Annette's marvelous gift of fitness. I have lost a total of 80 pounds, thus far. I started working out with Annette in May, 2013.  I am a believer and a heart-felt supporter of fitness. I was so encouraged by the transformation, that I did 8 Tuff Miles on St. John in 2015! This fitness program changed my life and I hope to impart these benefits to many others who want to find the freedom and joy of losing weight and feeling healthy!"
No Matter How Long It's Been.
It's Time to Get Fit!

"Even I had to see the photos to believe it!  So many people stop me and say how young I look.  I am 56 years old now.  I am so grateful I stayed in there and worked out.  I had some very good friends that stayed with me through my fitness journey...my husband James and my friends Ariel and Flo.  I appreciate their stamina and courage.  Overall, I am proud of myself and I want others to feel great too!"
December 31, 2011
December 25, 2015
Gloria Gumbs' Fitness Journey
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Annette Nicholson has been specifically certified to develop fitness programs for special populations, including seniors. Her astounding physical fitness and athletic skills won her second place in the 1990 VII Corps and European Powerlifting Championships in the 165-pound weights class.  

She has earned numerous national and international fitness certifications:
Eurobics B.E.S.T. Inc. in Frankfurt Germany (1991)
Advanced Instructor Certification in Step Reebox Intro/Circuit (1992)
National Dance Exercise Instructor's Training Association (NDEITA) for Special Populations (1996) and 
        Primary Aerobic Certification (1998)
The School of Fitness and Nutrition Program course series (1996)
Personal Training and Strength Training Certification (1996) from Aerobic Pipeline International

Annette's Fitness Certifications